Best Way To Rank Your 

Blog Website Easily On First Page

Friends, if you too are having difficulty in ranking your website in Google, then this article is for you. In this article, I will tell you some easy ways by which you can get your blog post ranked on Google's first page in just 1 day.

Best Way To Rank Your Blog Website Easily On First Page

What is Google Rank

When you search a topic on Google and the website you get to see in it is called Google Ranking.

Why Google Ranking Is Important

Google Ranking is very important for our website. Traffic (visitors) come to our website due to Google Ranking. When your post ranks on the top page of Google, it increases the authority of your domain. When your website ranks in Google, then your earning from it also increases.

Best Way To Rank Your Blog Website Easily On First Page

What Is Domain Authority

When you create a blog and that blog gets ranked in Google, then the authority of the domain increases. Such as I am Mayur Kishan and I am YouTuber and my video is ranked on YouTube, then people will get to know me and my value will increase between people. In the same way, when the website is ranked on Google, then the domain of that website becomes known by Google, and its authority increases.

Advantages of increasing authority: If the authority of your website increases, then that Google will rank your website in the top 10 list as soon as possible.

How To Rank Website On First Page?

Now we will talk about how To Rank Blog Website on Google First Page will tell you a very easy way. First of all, you have to download an Extention in your Chrome Browser named Whatsmyserp. After downloading this extension you will have to create your account.

What Is Whatsmyserp Extention

Wms Extension makes your keyword research even more advanced. In this, you will see Monthly Searches and Cost per Click of Keyword. In this, you will see more keywords, Related to your keywords.

Now on which topic you are writing an article, you will have to search on Google. Now in that Extention, you will see the Monthly Search Volume of that Keyword.

Now you have to select the Keyword whose Monthly Searches are 20 - 200. Now you must be wondering why I am saying this to you, so this will mean that your website will be ranked in Google in just 24hr - 48hr because your website still needs an authority website for a new website and keywords with more searches.

Use Ubersuggest For Ranking

Now you have to do a Ubersuggest search on Google, then you have to sign up. Now you have to select your country, where you have to rank the post. Now you have to search by pasting the Keyword Wms from the paste in Ubersuggest. Now you have to select Sd to 0 - 25 and confirm it.

After doing so, now you have to take a good title. Then write it on Google (Allintitle: your title) and check how many posts are there on that topic. Which will make it easier for you to rank on that keyword.

Now you can write an article on that topic. The very easy way to get your blog ranked in just 24 hr.


You have to wait 25 seconds.

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