Don't Do This Mistakes On Blogging

Friends, if you are also blogging like me or want to start blogging then do not make this mistake like me. When I started blogging, I did the same mistake and no YouTuber and blogger will ever tell you this mistake. So stay with us to know about all those mistakes.

Don't Do This Mistakes On Blogging - Online Marketing

Domain Name Mistake

When you are creating your blog, the most important website domain name remains at that time. Many people think of anything when they create a website, and later their post does not rank nor their website, then they later regret it. This was also done in error initially when blogging started.

Now it comes to how we select the domain name for your website. Whenever you create a website 1 - 2 days before that you think about the domain name, then search about it on Google and search it on the Keyword Planner and see how much CPC is getting on it so that it gives value to your website Increase further and you will earn more paisa.

Select Domain Name With Keyword

When you go to buy your Domain Name, then you should take such a Domain Name in which Keyword should come. Like you can see my Domain Name. The keyword (Online Marketing) is coming after my name. In the same way, you have to do all this in the domain name (Tech, Marketing, Business).

I will suggest you keep a domain of 2 Word (Techymk, Businessking, Marketing world, Mk Digital), in this way you have to keep the domain name. This will help in ranking your website and earning more money.

Not Consistently Writing

When you create a blog website, many people write 1 - 2 articles on the blog in Week 1 or Month. Say that you do not work on your regular website. It has been seen that all the bloggers who have failed in blogging, they fail due to this reason. Due to this, Google does not pay much attention to your website and has a bad effect on your website. Whenever you make a website, make a time on it, on which time or on which day to write the article. You can write an article every day or you can write an article one day.

Ignore Off Page/On Page S.E.O

All the new bloggers are not aware of S.E.O i.e. Search Engine Optimization, due to which you do not optimize the article well and their website is not able to rank on Google. Blogging S.E.O. You can understand by watching the video below to learn. Apart from this, you can also find out about Blogging Seo by searching on Youtube.

Not Promoting Content

As many new bloggers come, they think that they will build their own website and start earning money, and in the beginning, I used to think that if I make a website, then I will get money, but when I came here, I came to understand here Visitors are required. When you create a blog website, promote it on every social media platform. Promoting will give Google Crowler to your website so that your website will become an authority website and traffic will come to your website. That's why you promote your website more so that your website becomes a brand and you can earn more.

Niche Selection

Your Niche (Topic) is the most important in blogging. Your niche is your Blogging Future. Whatever Niche / Topic you are going to, you must do a good search first. Many new bloggers have chosen a Niche for you, which does not have any value in the market, and they continue to work on the same and then regret it later. I will tell you whether you go to Niche with Eduction or you go to Niche recommending any product. This will give you more benefits to blogging.

So here were some tips that you should not do if you want to have success in blogging. All these mistakes are done by new bloggers and I did it while learning to blog.

I would have liked your information, so more and more, share it with your friends and comment by telling.

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