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So friends, do you also want to create a Free Blog Website for you, then this article is for you. In this article, I will tell you how to create a blog website free, without any money your website will be ready, so stay with us to know how to create a free website.

How To Create A Blog Website Free - Online Marketing

What Is Blog

The blog is where we share your ideas with people. As I am telling you right now, how to create a blog website free from which you are learning something, adding some value in your life, then it is called Blog / Website.

How To Create The blog site

To create a Blog Site, you have to create a new Gmail, then you have to search for Blogger.Com on Google. Now you have to sign up with that new Gmail account. Now you have to give the title of Blog.

What Is Blog Title

If you are looking at my website in Laptop or Computer, then you can see a name (mayur kishan online marketing agency). So it is called giving the title. After Blog Title, now Blog Address will have to be given.

What Is Blog Address

Can see the link to my website (, this is called the blog address. You have to keep something good in which keywords come. Now you must be thinking what is keywords, then we will talk about it in the next post. Now you add all this to the Blog Address (Digital marketing, Marketing, Deals) and create a domain like it is on my site. This will increase your earnings and Post will quickly rank in Google. So this is called giving blog address.

Add Custom Domain

When you create Blogger Site then you have to add Custom Domain. In Custom Domain you have to buy a High-Level Domain (.com, .in, .xyz, .net, .org) it is a High-Level Domain, so if you want to earn money from your blog then you have to buy it. Godaddy Website will be the best for buying a domain.

Add Responsive Theme (Template)

Now you have to put a Responsive Theme on your blog. For that, you can download Minima Colored and apply it. This theme is Mobile Friendly, which gives rank in Google quickly and also gets approval to earn money. This theme I use on other websites (, I have used this template on this website.

Customize Your Website

When you put the theme on your website, then you will have to customize your site, it is the most important in Blogging. You can see my website, my website has a different label for every topic, just like that, you will also have to design your website. Now you have to customize the bottom footer yourself as well. In the footer, you will have to write something about it and you will have to provide some labels, also customize its sidebar. If you want, you can understand by watching the video below, how to customize the theme.

This video can help you a lot, then your website will also become a professional.

Blogger Setting

Now you have to do some setting of your blog so that your website comes in the ranking and Google can understand that there is a website with someone (name of your site). If you do the setting of your website, you will get many benefits. When you write a post, your rank will open in Google's heat 10 (Search Description). With this, the most important for your post, which gives the signal to Google, that your website will be opened for quick lane up, which will give many benefits to your website.

You can do your blog settings by watching this video. In this video, you will get everything, to bring your website to the top 10 in Google, which will give you a lot of benefits.

So this was complete information with which you can create a free blog/website. you must have liked our information, so please tell in the comment.

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