Why Use Instagram For Business?

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So friends, today I will tell you why to use Instagram for business (Why Use Instagram For Business?) And if you also want to use Instagram for business then stay with us.

Why Use Instagram For Business? - Online Marketing

What Is Instagram?

Instagram is a Social Media App, where all you share Attractive Photos and Videos and follow them if you like. With this, you can also talk and video calls on Messenger on Instagram. You can also promote your business with the help of Instagram.

How To Use Instagram

Instagram is very easy to use. The first thing you need to do is download Instagram from Playstore. Now you have to open Instagram and you have to create an account. To create an Instagram account, you have to provide your number or Gmail. Now you have to keep a password by yourself. Then you have to click on Sing Up. Now a code will be sent to the number or Gmail you provided, now you have to put that code on Instagram, and next and you will become an account. Now you have to complete your account.

  1. Profile Photo
  2. Bio
  3. Upload 4 Post + 1 Video

These 3 best practices you will have to complete after creating an account.

How To Create a Business Instagram Account.

After the Instagram account is created, you will have to convert your account to a Business Account. You have to go to your account, then go to "Edit Profile", now you have to click on "Convert To Business Profile". Now you have to select your category, then your profile will become a business profile.

You can watch the video. 

Now, Why Use Instagram For Business?

Instagram For Business if you think too. So let me tell you, Instagram is great for taking your business to profit. Instagram is all used right now and because of this, every big company is on all Instagram. 100 million people a month on Instagram, which is a great thing to do business. Here you will get a lot of benefits in less effort. On Instagram, you have to create a page with your company name. Now in that, you have to do 2-3 photos daily from products and 1 Reel Video Post. If you upload 1 post and 1 reel video daily, then you will get very good results. But by doing this, you will get success in business for a while because this is a free method. If you have to enlarge your business in just a few days, then for that you will have to run Google Ads on Instagram. Only then you will get the result in a few days.

What Is Google Ads

Google Ads is the platform of Google itself. Where you have to invest some money to promote all of your business, YouTube channel, blog. Google Aids gives you a targeted audience. Just like if your account or YouTube channel is for Affiliate Marketers, then Google Ads will see your video, photo near the people who want to do Affiliate Marketing Business, then there is more chance of selling in your business. And by the way, you can do it in all the industries and earn more benefits.

How To Promote Instagram Post With Google Ads

First of all, you have to create your account on Google Planner. You have to search on Google, Google Ads / Planner then on the 1st number you will find the website, you will have to sign-up it. Then you have to come to your Instagram and you have to promote the best post, then for that, your account should be a business account, then you will see a promotion button, you will have to click on it under the post, then you have to contact your account from Facebook Will have to do it and then have to do next. Now you have to click on Create Promotion, then you (Instagram Page, Website, Message) have to select the place where you want traffic and next.

Now you will get 2 options (Automatic, Create Your Own), so if you want your post to go everywhere, you can select automatic or if you want your post to go only to the target logo where you want, then you create By clicking on your own, you can select the location where you want to show the post. 

Now you have to select Intrest. Just like I will type online marketing or digital marketing as related content from my online marketing, so you have to select the interest from produts so that your post will only show what they want to see.

Now you have to select Age and Gender so that your post reaches the right people. 

Now you have to keep both your budget and day according to you. Now you have to pay and your ad will be run. 

So in this way you can make your business bigger in less time. With the help of Instagram and you can use it.

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