Can We Make Money Through Reel

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So friends, if you also want to know that we are Reel Se Paise Kaise Kamaye, then this article is going to be for you, in this, I am going to tell you some ways that will help you earn Reel Se Paise. Stayed with us for full details.

Can We Make Money Through Reel

What Is Reel?

When TickTalk was banned in India, then Instagram launched a new feature called Reel and it is a new feature of Instagram. You can make up to 30 seconds of video on the reel. And this is exactly like TikTok.

How To Create Reel Video

When you open your Instagram app, you will have to go to your profile. In the profile, you will find the icon of the top (+), then you have to click on it, now you will see some options.

  1. Feed Post
  2. Story
  3. Story HighLight
  4. IGTV
  5. Reel

So you have to click on the reel and after that, you have to go to the gallery and you can upload the video you want to upload.

Can We Make Money Through Reel

How To Viral Reel Video 

To reel Video Viral, you have to put some #hashtag in the video, in which the posts (posts) are reduced so that your video will come upon that hashtag and get more Reach your video, and more people can see your video.

You can see my reel videos below, there are thousands and millions of views on all my videos. I viral all my reels videos in this way.

First of all, you have to create an account on the topic that is running on Trend.

Such as: - Right now Memes is running on very trend. Everyone is just a little depressed, so they have to see something so that they feel good, then I also made a Memes page and started uploading Reels Videos on it. My page increased to 1000 Followers in just 2 Weeks. I have a lot of Reel Video Viral, because people watch and share their views to friends and friends, and the video goes viral.

How To Place Hashtag To Get Viral

First of all, you have to watch the video, which topic is on it, then you have to search for Related Hashtag from it. After searching, you have to take hashtags in which there are many 500 - 1000 Posts Show, however, you have to apply at least 20 Hashtags. Now you have to apply 5 Hashtags related to Viral. Now you have to install Related Hashtag from some (Likes and Followers).

By doing this, you have to write (Tag Your Friends, Brother, Sister Etc ...) on Video. Like you can see my video.

If you do all this, then your video will become viral and your thousands of followers will increase.

How Can We Make Money Through Reel

Now comes the turn, we reel Se Paise kaise Kamaye, Instagram se Paise Kaise kamaye. When your reel video starts going viral, it will increase your followers. If your Story Views will increase then you will mail with company, brands and some people, you will promote me in two, you will give 1000, 2000, 10000 rupees if you have 1 to 5k followers then. If more than that, then everyone will pay a lot of money.

Make Money With Affiliate Marketing On Reels

When you have more followers on the reels, you can also do Affiliate Marketing. All you have to do is Sing Up in Amazon or any Affiliate Program and add your products to Instagram Bio and Story, then you will get some commission for all the products you sell from your link. So this is also a great way to earn money which you can use.

So this was all the information about the reel, you would have liked it, so please give our information, comment and share it with friends.

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