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top 2 best useful apps for android users

So Friends, If you are also an android user then this article is going to be for you.
In this article, I will tell you about the 2 Best Useful Android Apps That help you a lot.

  • Flash Bomb

Flash bomb Is an android app. This is a flashlight app. The Flash Bomb App helps make your normal flashlight to a disco flashlightWith the help of the flash bomb, you can flash your flashlight with any song beats, just as the music beats of your song then the flashlight will flash like your music beats.

How To Save Flash Bomb

You have to go to the play store and search by typing a flash bomb in the search box, then flash bomb app will be visible on no. 1 and you will be able to Save the flash bomb app from there.

How To Use Flash Bomb App

When you open the flash bomb app, then this app asks you for some permission.
  1. Camera
  2. Recording Audio
So you have to click on confirm then Click on the (Allow) button. Now you will enter on flash bomb app.

Top 2 Best Useful Apps For Android User | Mayur Kishan

After Entering, You will get a button which when pressed will flash the flashlight of the phone and if you play the Mp3 then the flashlight will flash.

Top 2 Best Useful Apps For Android User | Mayur Kishan

In the flash bomb, you get to see some options.
  • Lock: Your screen will lock when you click it.
  • Setting: You will see some options on it. 
Background: You can change the background of the screen.


  • You can rate the flash bomb app by clicking on the rating button.
  • You can share the flash bomb app by clicking on the share button.
  • You can contact the app owner by clicking on the contact button.

Top 2 Best Useful Apps For Android User | Mayur Kishan

  • Pocket Sense
Pocket Sense is also an android app and more than that it is a useful app that all android users should have. This app protects your phone. If someone even touches your phone without your permission, then this app plays an alert siren so that you will know that someone has touched your phone.

How To Save Pocket Sense 

You will have to search on the play-store (pocket Sense - Anti Theft & Don't Touch alarm), you will get this app on play-store in no.1 and you will able to Save this app.

Top 2 Best Useful Apps For Android User | Mayur Kishan

How To Use Pocket Sense

When you enter the app, you get some options.
  • Pocket Sense Mode
  • Charge Sense Mode
  • Motion Sense Mode
  • Battery Full Sense Mode
Pocket Sense Mode: By enabling this, you leave your phone in the pocket, and accidentally your phone gets out of your pocket, then this app gives you an alert sing so that you will get to know. Also, this app protects your phone from theft.

Charges Sense Mode: If you put your phone in charge and someone leaves your phone out of charge, then you do not know. but, If you enable it and then put the phone in charge then this app will give you alert siren and you will know if someone leaves your phone out charge.

Motion Sense Mode: By enabling this, you keep your wherever you are and if anyone keeps or touches your phone without asking you, it will give you alert sing and then you will know.

Battery Full Sense Mode: After enabling it, you put your phone in charge and your phone gets full charge, then it will help you to tell that your phone will be full charged.

Top 2 Best Useful Apps For Android User | Mayur Kishan

Apart from this, When you click on settings, you get many more options which you can use. 

So this was the Top 2 Best Usefull Android Apps that you can use in your Daily life. i would have liked our content very much, so please till in the comment box and share it with friends.

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