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8 Pro Tips How To Grow Instagram Account - mayur kihsan mk

Friends, today I am going to give you 7 such pro tips, after knowing that you will never need to search on Google How to Grow Instagram Account, so which is the 7 Pro Tips to stay with us to know how to grow the Instagram account.

Upload Daily 1 Instagram Post And Video

To grow your Instagram Account, first of all, you should upload 1 Post or Video every day, why when you upload something every day, then it increases your Instagram's Engagement and the impression that your Instagram profile is up to more people reaches.

Write Best Captions For Instagram Post

While uploading photos on Instagram, write some nice and attractive caption so that people will like and share comments on your photos so that your post, video can be sent to Instagram and so forth, so that more likes and comments will come on your photos and videos.

Use Instagram Hashtags 

After writing Instagram Caption, you use Instagram Hashtag in the photo, it will increase the Reach (reach more people) of your post and it can also cause your post (photo, video) to be viral. At the time of setting up Instagram Hashtag, you have to remember that you have to put different Hashtag on every post, by applying the same Hashtag, your post on every photo will not be able to reach more people than this, always use different Hashtag. Remember some more points that will help you grow on Instagram

  • Use Instagram Hashtag with more posts in your post so that your post can reach more people and increase more like, comments, followers.
  • Do not use more than 30 Hashtag.
  • Always use Trending Instagram Hashtag
  • Make sure to put a hashtag in your own name (eg: #mayur_kishan_mk #youtuber)

Instagram Tag

After applying Instagram Hashtag, you tag 20 Verified accounts. While tagging 20 Verifed i'd not tag any Bollywood actor or actress, many people make this mistake. This means that your post will not be uploaded occasionally and even if done, more Likes will not increase. You only have to tag them (Model, Youtuber, Editor), tagging them will increase your likes on your post.

Write Best Instagram Bio 

Instagram Bio Many people make a mistake in Instagram Bio, which does not increase their Instagram followers. Many people in Instagram Bio (Cake Murder, Bad Boy, Fan Of ....) If you write all this in Instagram Bio, people will open your profile and go back again. You have to make your bios of Instagram a little different and a little professional, just as you can see my profile below, you will have to make a little professional bio.

Use Instagram Story

The Instagram Story is also very important for Instagram to grow. You always keep updating Instagram Story. Every day, you must definitely put at least 4-5 Story and apply its Hashtag so that your story goes to more people.

How To Increase Instagram Followers

To grow Instagram Followers, you have to follow 20 verified accounts daily so that you will start getting followers immediately. But you have to keep in mind one more thing that when you are following a verified account, then you have to follow them 10 Sec.... stop if you follow them in speed, then action will be blocked on your account after that Can't Like, Comment, Follow anyone. So you follow all the accounts very slowly. After 24 hours, you follow 20 I'd again.

Upload Instagram Quality Photo

If your photo is to be viral on Instagram, then Quality Photo is important to you. After uploading the Quality Photo, Instagram promotes it itself and reaches more people, so you try to upload as many Quality Photos as possible. 

Best Time To Upload Instagram Post

The time to grow an Instagram account also matters a lot. If your timing is not right, then you cannot do anything. Time to upload your post to Instagram

(9-10 Am, 1-2 Pm, 6-8Pm)

If you upload photos and videos at this time, you will get a very good result.

So this was 8 Pro Tips to Grow Your Instagram Account, you must have liked and understood that you should comment in the comment box and share this post with friends so that you can also follow Instagram more and more. , Likes, could increase.

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